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Protect the investment you have made in your ability to roam the open roads by establishing a partnership with our auto repair shop in Arlington, TX. American Autotech INC has helped local drivers keep their cars on the road since 1998, and we are ready to help you maximize the value and appeal of your set of wheels.Our auto maintenance shop offers customers a broad array of services that include preventative maintenance and transnational repairs. To get where you need to be with a piece of mind. Many drivers rely on their vehicles during the course of their workday as well. Our team features an auto mechanic that works on every make and model on the road today. Specializing on European cars, we will not rest until we solve your Vehicles issue.Choose a auto shop that specializes in repairs for the imported vehicle you drive. Our team has the factory tools and the training needed to keep these performance vehicles working exactly as they should. Instead of ignoring that questionable noise and looking the other way when the check engine light comes on, bring your car or truck to our auto shop for an affordable solution you can count on. We deal directly with the dealership on all repairs to make sure your vehicle is serviced the right way.


A Car Diagnostic Test Identifies your Automotive problems. A car diagnostic test provides a quick and accurate assessment of your vehicle. Technicians will scan your vehicle’s onboard computer, document any diagnostic trouble codes, and check for service notifications issued by your vehicle’s manufacturer.If necessary, a technician will perform a road test or visual inspection to help verify the issue. Sometimes a comprehensive battery and charging system analysis or other tests will be necessary to identify other issues troubling your car.

Your car’s electrical system is a complex network that requires specialized diagnostic equipment for comprehensive servicing. A technician can access your vehicle’s data with diagnostics and identify the exact cause of any electrical problems.

We understand the need to be fiscally wise in today’s economy. The best solution for your budget is often buying a used vehicle. One of the downsides to buying a used car, however, is not knowing its history in detail. Many dealerships provide services like Carfax and other used-vehicle reports to inform you. Pre-purchase reports like these are helpful, as they list the service history of the vehicle and can tell you whether proper preventative maintenance has been taken.But the information those reports omit is also important. A report cannot always tell you if the car is safe to drive now. Are all the parts and critical driving systems in good condition? How much life is left on the belts, hoses, engine mounts, and other key engine parts? At American Autotech, we want you to be safe in any vehicle you drive. Let an expertly trained, experienced, technician conduct a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle you are considering, and provide you with a detailed report.

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